I want the world to know how silly I am.
— Captain Cowboy and The Money Maker The Documentary

Captain Cowboy and The Money Maker is a duo that is very serious about keeping things silly, and committed to musical tomfoolery. Their music was best described by INSPADES Magazine as “Old time folk and Americana played at a ragtime pace, rounded by jazzy vocals and a gritty finish. Captain Cowboy and The Money Maker animate the stories of forgotten songs in a way that sparks a smile and inspires applause". You can't take your eyes off of this couple when they take you on a psychedelic journey back in time to see and hear it as it never was.


Founded in the subways of Toronto by Alex Shaw (Captain Cowboy) and Dayna Pirso (The Money Maker), bonded over their love of old time music and history. Together, they transcend time and space, riding a tall wave of euphoric laughter and classic entertainment. CC&MM becomes a lifestyle, rather than an artistic endeavour.